dancing kathmandu reviews

"sensitive, though provoking...a much needed exploration of dance as cultural survival in today's Nepal." (Judy Mitoma, Director of UCLA Center for Intercultural Performance)

"Sangita's 'Dancing Kathmandu'… will make the minds of the people of Kathmandu, who are forgetting their traditional dances, dance." (Kantipur Daily)

"For Shresthova, a person of mixed lineage (father's a Shrestha, mother a Czech), she could not have received a greater love, a better audience, and a better venue and festival for the premiere of her documentary, than she received on the afternoon of December 8...Many questions were asked, many issues raised but... judging by the audience's reactions, the documentary was well received as many a guffaw of laughter roared throughout the film." (The Himalayan)

"A camera follows Sangita's research on dance in Kathmandu. The pieces…have been put together to form a beautiful picture of the decreasing original heritage and increasing cultural deformity in this hilly capital." (Kantipur Daily)

"Sangita has made 'culture' the subject of her documentary. In the film her childhood dance teacher, Bina Joshi explains the spiritual and classical aspects of Nepal's dance cultures. Suddenly stopping in an alley, she points to the top of a crumbling temple. There are statues of dancing deities on the ledges. 'Look at that' the teacher says, " Next time when you are, they may be destroyed already." In this innocent way, the documentary has touched many a heart and essence."(Kantipur Daily)

"By the time the programme finally began, it was almost half-an-hour past the scheduled time… However, the delay was not due to some technical problems or the chief guest not arriving on time. It was because of thehuge, huge turnout for the premiere Sangita Shresthova's Dancing Kathmandu…." (The Himalayan)

"'Dancing Kathmandu' shows traditional 'Charya' dance, modern film dances and also… dancers in the dance restaurants of Kathmandu."(Himal Magazine)

"On Friday, the festival started with the showing of 'Dancing Kathmandu' in Gurukul. The documentary made by Sangita Shresthova, the daughter of a Nepali father and Czechoslovakian mother… explores the dance traditions of Nepal. The documentary expresses the point of view that the Nepalese society is till not accepting dancing as a profession. At the same time, there is also the belief that dance will gain importance in the coming days."(Kantipur Daily)

dancing kathmandu