Dance Reviews

"[one of the] most creative and courageous artistes I have seen..." (Post Natyam Review, Devika Natarajan, freelance journalist Chennai, India)

"Danseuse with a difference... a Nepali swan" (Kathmandu Post)

" Between the audience and the gods..." (Pravda)

"...dances on the borders between cultures" (Tyden)

"With captivating images in red and black, accompanied by staccato head and arm motions, Shresthova invoked the earth and sky, each movement precise and loaded with meaning. The audience was drawn in by the incredible stage presence of Shresthova and the obvious joy that accompanied each movement." (Harvard Crimson Newspaper)

"it was Indian-inspired dance and the driving drum music from the Boston group Lasandhi that blew everyone away." (Providence Journal)

"Wit, grace, and raw power..." (Lasandhi Review, Channing Gray, Providence Journal)

"The clincher for the evening was at the very end when Tara Ahmed's Lasandhi erupted onto the stage. Dancers became musicians, musicians became dancers, feet slapped the floor, drums pounded, classical Indian movement was asked to become something else to which it responded beautifully..." (

"Lasandhi takes everything that is beautiful about Classical Indian Dance, magnifies it and transforms it into a completely new form. The work is stunning and the visual imagery literally brings tears to my eyes. (Heather Ahern, Director, Groundwerx Dance Theater, Providence, RI)

On "Big in Bombay": What makes an impression more than anything, is the pure fun of the short group choreographies that, like in Bollywood films, interrupt the drama. This is where the dancers let themselves delight in circling their pelvises, moving their arms, looking to the left and right, jumping and turning – well trained in Bollywood-Dervish-Flamenco-Musical-Tabledance-MTV-Trash. Here is the real life of this piece" (Deuschland Radio Berlin).

prague dance performance
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